August 1, 2019
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Announcements & Updates, May 5th, 2019

Attention Family: Hotels in Torrance ~ In our quest for lower cost hotels in the Torrance area, we found the reviews to be a bit shady. There are several mid-range hotels that look good and will be listed shortly. Also take note: there is always

We have started to list the major attractions in Los Angeles that you might want to consider visting while you are here.  Take a look on the "Travel & Hotel Info" page for all the updates.  

To The Nation of New Zealand and especially to The People of Christchurch ~ Our hearts and prayers go out to you all.  God's grace and peace be with you during this tragic time.  

Wanted:  All Family Photos ~ We have just set up an album especially for the Reunion Genealogy Display.  If you have any photos that you would like to share please post them in that album.  All contributions are gratefully accepted.    

To Eliana Su'a for landing the role of Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson's daughter in the next "Fast and Furious". The release date is Aug 2nd, during the reunion. We are looking into a private screening for the family!
** Saimasina>Kipeni>Sane>Murphy>Justin>Eliana

Shoutouts to Our Families that Registered!
  • Fa'afetai Norm & Debbie Compton ~ For your Early Bird registration!  We are also excited to have you join our planning committee.  A warm welcome to you both! 
  • Hugs to you Arona Su'apa'ia & Family ~ So happy to receive your Early Bird registration.  We know we can always count on you to be there!!!
  • Yahoo!!! Jesse Itula and Family ~ For taking advantage of our Early Bird prices and registering now.  We appreciate your love and support! 
  • Namele, her son Alexander, and Baker Family ~ Thanks for taking advantage of the early bird special! See you there!
  • Jesse Itula and Family ~ Looking forward to seeing you in August!
  • Reri Pumphrey and Famliy ~ Talofa and thank you early birds!
  • Murphy Sua and Family ~ Can't wait to see you all there!
  • Victor Sua and Family ~ Can't wait to give you all a great big hug in August!!
And to many more families not listed here, thank you for your registration!

  • To the Samila family for downloading a ton of photos to our "Albums" page!  You guys are awesome!!!
  • To Vic Su'a for stopping by and signing our "Guest Book" page!  Thank you for your kind greetings and support.
  • To Stella Fonoti ~ A big hug and lots of alofa from your family in SoCal.  So happy you stopped by to sign our "Guest Book."  We can hardly wait to see you and your entire family here in August.
  • To Veronica Tagaloa ~ Thank you for stopping by to sign our guest book and for all the love.  We look forward to seeing you and your family in August. 
  • To Limala'u Family ~ Kudos to you for the wonderful photos of your family members added to our "Albums" page.  We are so happy to see all your smiling faces. 
  • To Logotaeao Afoa Te'o ~ Thank you for stopping by to sign our "Guest Book."  We appreciate your enthusiasm and look forward to seeing you and your entire family at the reunion.
  • To Lance Iosua and Family ~ Much alofa to you for stopping by.  We are excited that you will be joining us in August.  
  • To Fagatapu Family ~ Love to all of you in New Zealand.  Thank you for posting all those wonderful pictures of your family.  We do hope to see you in August.
  • To cousin Sandy Su'apa'ia ~ It's always a blast hearing from you!  So glad you are all set and ready to be here in August.  Our California sunshine is waiting for you!!! 
  • Thank You For Your Genealogy Update(s) ~ We also want to thank those of you who have taken the time to submit your Genealogy Update.  We appreciate your promptness allowing us the advantage of time.  The sooner you submit it, the closer we come to preparing our final draft.   

Su'apa'ia Tu'ipelehake Family Reunion
Southern California
August 1st, 2nd & 3rd, 2019
2019 committee meeting at Wilson Park, one of our reunion venues.    Front row, Lt. to rt. - Rejon, Dorothy, Namele & Ma
2019 committee meeting at Wilson Park, one of our reunion venues. Front row, Lt. to rt. - Rejon, Dorothy, Namele & Marie Second row, Lt. to rt. - David, Lega behind him, Karen, Nina, Melissa, Benny behind her, Darlene and Murphy.
A photo from a 2009 meeting at Auntie Marie's home.     Front row: Lt.-rt. Moni, Namele, Stella, Marie and Lama  Second
A photo from a 2009 meeting at Auntie Marie's home. Front row: Lt.-rt. Moni, Namele, Stella, Marie and Lama Second row: Lt.-rt. Riki, Reri, Dorothy, Murphy, Rejon, Luwana, Losa and Darlene

Our reunion theme for the 2019 Reunion...
“Love at Home" 

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Su'apaia Tu'ipelehake Family Reunion ~

Fa'afetai aiga for stopping by. 



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