Check out the Lower Prices and Prize Incentive below!!!

Early Bird Special Pricing -- Tickets purchased by June 1:

Ages 0 - 5, Free
Ages 6 - 14, $15
Ages 15 and up, $40

Added Incentive:  In addition to the lower price, we will be offering every family who registers by June 1, 10 raffle tickets at a chance to win the beautiful, keepsake quilt we are busy creating. This keepsake quilt is handmade, with the names of all the faletamas sewn into it.  Think of it as more a work of art than a quilt.

Registration fees after June 1 will increase:

Ages 0 - 5, Free
Ages 6 - 14, $20
Ages 15 and up, $50 

Added Incentive:  Even though you are past the June 1 cutoff, you still have a chance to win our keepsake quilt.  If you register before July 1, you will receive 2 raffle tickets to enter our drawing. 

So please get your registration in as soon as possible.

Can't Pay The Entire Price All At Once? No Problem!!!

We totally understand.  That's why we have provided a payment system just for you.  Our system is easy to use.  It will allow you to do installments, keep track of your payments and remind you when a payment is due.  It will take all the worry and guess work out so that by the time August 1 comes around, you will be all paid up and ready to enjoy the reunion.  A built in benefit... you will receive the early bird discount even if your payments go past June 1.  It's a WIN-WIN all around.  

An added incentive... if you begin your installment payments by April 1, you will receive 5 raffle tickets to win our keepsake quilt.

If you have any questions or concerns, please go to our "Contact Us" page.  We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Register by clicking the link below
Register by clicking the link below