Our committees are working hard to make the 2019 Reunion a reality.
Our committees are working hard to make the 2019 Reunion a reality.


The 2019 Reunion Planning Committee is made up of several subcommittees.  Each committee has a specific focus.  Brought together, we hope to create for you and your family a fantastic experience starting with our Meet & Greet/Ice Breaker Opening to our class offerings, craft workshops, cooking demonstrations, sports day activities, talent show, cultural presentation(s)... and finally ending with our closing night Fireside.

So without further delay, here are our committees and committee chairs. 

Genealogy Committee
Co-Chairs, Dorothy Ae & Nina Su'a
Co-Chairs, Dorothy Ae & Nina Su'a

Dorothy and Nina are so excited to provide you with a rich sense of what it must have been like to walk into the home of Saimasina.  Creating large displays of family pictures and stories placed on the walls of the Cultural Hall, you will begin to learn more about our extrodinary ancestor, his mother and father, his brothers and sisters and the earlier generations that followed. 

It will be beautiful... but it can't happen without your help.  Nina and Dorothy are asking all of you to please submit your favorite family photos along with names and dates, if possible.  If there is a story that goes along with the photo, even better.  They are especially looking for any photos of Saimasina, his brothers and sisters, his children -- Salatielu, Fasi, Tinei, Samila, Sifou, Salu, Alamoni and Kipeni.  All you need to do is download your photo(s) here on our website.  Go to the "Albums" section.  An album was created specificly for the reunion photo display.

But what about the family living today?  I would like to get to know them, too!  Not to worry... Dorothy and Nina are working on creating a "What Are They Doing Now?" section that will feature photos submitted by you that include our most recent new borns, toddlers, school age children & teens, young adults, moms and dads all the way up to the 100 yr. old elders in our family.  Group photos would be a wonderful addition as well.  

Their primary goal is to provide an opportunity for all of us to get to know one another better.  We especially want the children, our future generation(s), to get to know their cousins, aunts and uncles.    

So PLEASE take the time to look at your phone, computer and old family albums and see what you can dig up.  We all love to look at photos.  The project that Nina and Dorothy are working on, when it's finished, will be a wonderful memory for all of us to enjoy.  

If you are having problems figuring out how to download your photos, use the "Contact Us" page on our site.  We will get back to you ASAP with an answer.


Cultural Committee
Cultural Chair -- Namele Baker
Cultural Chair -- Namele Baker

Demonstrating cultural practices and dance during a family reunion is a sizable project.  But it is a project that Namele is excited to be a part of.  

Namele was fortunate and blessed to have been one of the younger members of the Su'apaia Family Dance Troupe formed back in 1966.  Envisioned by Uncle Kipeni Su'apaia, the dance troupe was created to bring the Polynesian culture to Southern California with an emphasis on Samoa.  

Uncle Kipeni was a Master Composer and a great number of the songs were his compositions. Uncle Kipeni appointed Levusi Pilimai and his lovely wife, Lila to do the choreography.  Levusi was the eldest son of Alamoni Pilimai and a beautiful dancer.  Their combined talents were exceptional!  

No one up until that time had ever thought to form such a large group of performers here on the Mainland.  Hawaii had the Polynesian Cultural Center.  Southern California had the Su'apaia Dance Troupe, 70 members strong, performing all over the Southland including Catalina Island.  It was a real success!

It is the Cultural Committee's hope to recreate that for the 2019 Reunion.  Estella Reid, Lila Tafua and Marie Ma'o will be assisting in gathering the songs and dances that made the Su'apaia Dance Troupe so spectacular to watch.  There really was something magical about that group.  The energy and joy in singing and performing these numbers transfered to the audience.  And the committee hopes that same spirit will be felt again when they perform their Cultural Day Presentation on Saturday for all of you.      

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