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There are so many generations beyond the first generation that we would like for you to use the following example.

Fa'afetai/Alofa -- 2019 Reunion Planning Committee
We are proud to display any of your family photos you are willing to share.

Genealogy Display for 2019 Family Reunion

We are inviting you to share with us your favorite family photos.  Photos of our first generation... Salatielu, Fasi, Samila, Sifou, Salu, Tinei, Alamoni and Kipeni all the way to our most recent members of the family... babies born in 2018, 2019 and everything in between.

All of this will be lovingly displayed at the reunion for all to see.  
Reestablishing our roots to our culture... reconnecting with one another... what a wonderful reunion we just experienced

Reunion, 2009 I

This is the first album of pictures from the 2009 reunion.  It includes Day 1, Registration/Family Introductions/Ice Breakers... Day 2, Genealogy Presentation & Workshop, Sports/Tug-o-War at the park, 1st Night Talent Show.
L to R: Renee Dudley>Alamoni, Luwana Gurr>Alamoni, Marie Ma'o>Alamoni, Brother Brett Macdonald, Nafanua Sothern>Alamoni

Reunion, 2009 II

This is the second album of pictures from the 2009 reunion.  It includes Day 3, Cultural Day... Day 4, Free Day/Disco Dance... Day 5, Gravesite service/Fireside... Day 6, Disneyland.
Frank Manumaleuga    Fasi>Gauula>Alofaaga>Frank

Fasi Family Album

These are the pictures of Fasi's descendants.
Uncle Fiu from Savaii with Salote and Lana...

Sifou Family Album

These are the pictures of Sifou's descendants.
Claire Su'a

Samila Family Album

These are the pictures of Samila's descendants.
Grandpa Salu

Salu Family Album

These are the pictures of Salu's descendants.
Al Harrington

Tinei Family Album

These are pictures of Tinei's descendants.
Alamoni Su'apa'ia Pilimai   and her children... Felika, Liva, Levusi, Inosia, Sa(imasina) & Mita'i

Alamoni Family Album

These are pictures of Alamoni's descendants.
Leslie Moea'i (Jackson) Daughter of Thurman and Mate (Siufanua) Jackson  Alamoni>Liva>Mate>Leslie

Alamoni Family Album II

Wow... Alamoni's faletama are on to their second photo album. 
Grandfather Su'a Kipeni...this picture was taken the Deans, who translated English hymns into Samoan.

Kipeni Family Album

These are pictures of Kipeni's descendants
Thomas and daughter Tia at Aloha Tower Market Place.

Kipeni Family Album II

Hey look... the Kipeni family are on to their second album!
Aiga Limala'u   Aunty Tautava & husband Uncle Sapati  Ta'afuli with their children & grandchildren (st

Limala'u Family Album

These are the pictures of Limala'u's descendants.

Family Athlete(s) Photos

This album is to honor all our family athletes... past and present.