There are those of you whom we have not met. There are those of you whom we have lost touch with. Whether it's an introduction or update, please share with us. Let us know what you have been up to.  
Include a "past" as well as a "current" photo of yourself. It's always nice to put a face to the name. If you need assistance with adding your photos, use the "Contact Us" page and we will help to make it happen.    
We encourage you to include your genealogy. It's beautiful to see all the names of the different faletama... how they weave together to make this amazing taspesty we call aiga.
(example: Alipate/Taiana>Saimasina>Samila>Tapasa>Senifa)
We also welcome those who are already on to update their profile. A lot has changed over the years. We would like to know what's happening with you now. 
Fa'afetai/Alofa -- 2019 Reunion Planning Committee

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Karl Su'a
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November 22, 1981 laborer
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November 20, 1963 SAMPLES ADMINISTRATOR Married 7
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Paia Saio
April 10, 1992 Single
 Hey Fam!
I'm the great granddaughter of Tinei Su'apa'ia, granddaughter of Faaliliu.

Can't wait for the reunion!
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La Kuaea ( Valdez)
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July 07, 1974 airline/nurse Married 3
Hello my name is Lamala Kuaea Valdez, and I am the grand daughter of Levusi Pilimai.  My mom is Salafaia Pilimai, and I am the youngest of six.  I wasnt able to make the last one, but hopefully will be attending in Utah..  alofa atu mo tatou aiga atoa.  Send La a MessageSend La a Message
Tiani Compton
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May 02, 1986 Single
 Talofers, my name's Tiani. So my lineage goes something like this, Saimasina, Tinei, Lele, Gary and whaddaya know, here I am! Lol, anyway, hope to meet you guys.  Send Tiani a MessageSend Tiani a Message
Eline Su'apaia (Harrington)
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March 02, 1983 Married 3

Hi my Su'apaia family. I cant believe how big our family is. Omg! I scrolled through to see if I know anyone. And I found my couzin Keisha uncle Lima's daughter. And Izik I seen him here once @ What a small world... Thank you aunty Nettie for filling in the blanks... Much love from ur family in Utah....:)

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Samanta Samanta Alapa (Alapa)
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August 08, 1983 Social Worker 1
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Brandon Sua
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August 02, 1983 Full Time Law Student Single
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Camelia SU'A CRICHTON (Su'a)
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April 07, 1987 mum Married 1
hi guyz!!
 well my name is Camelia Su'a,i am half samoan and half maori,my father is Uali Su'a who lives in Samoa and comes from Sataua. He has told us that we are from the Tuipelehake family line,HOW im not sure!!!but i would love to find out tho..its great 2 see sooooooo much fanau..u can feel the love flowing! So please family fill me in if u guys can!
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Brittani Su'apa'ia
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May 16, 1992 High School Student Single
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