There are those of you whom we have not met. There are those of you whom we have lost touch with. Whether it's an introduction or update, please share with us. Let us know what you have been up to.  
Include a "past" as well as a "current" photo of yourself. It's always nice to put a face to the name. If you need assistance with adding your photos, use the "Contact Us" page and we will help to make it happen.    
We encourage you to include your genealogy. It's beautiful to see all the names of the different faletama... how they weave together to make this amazing taspesty we call aiga.
(example: Alipate/Taiana>Saimasina>Samila>Tapasa>Senifa)
We also welcome those who are already on to update their profile. A lot has changed over the years. We would like to know what's happening with you now. 
Fa'afetai/Alofa -- 2019 Reunion Planning Committee

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Ka'au Alapa
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Profile picture
June 14, 1969 School Teacher / Behavior Specialist Married 6
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Linette Alapa (Hunter)
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July 04, 1940 Retired educator Married 6
I am looking forward to our reunion!  Hopefully I will be able to encourage as many of our family to be there. Send Linette a MessageSend Linette a Message
Omai Crichton
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September 05, 1982 dishwasher @ Sweet's Single


see u all soon :)

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Gwendolyn Gilreath
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October 19, 1989 Student Single
Talofa family...I'm Gwen and i'm Sifou's great, great grandaughter. I'm from American Samoa but now im in Hawaii attending UHH.
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Howard Salima
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September 19, 1970 UDC I Married 4
Talofa lava Su'apa'ia family. I am excited to meet my extended extended family. Just a little story about myself I was born in Tutuila(american samoa) but grew up mostly in western samoa. I served a mission in the New Zealand Wellington mission. I currently live in Las vegas/Henderson for about 16yrs. I have been married for 9yrs and I have 2 girls and 2 boys. the oldest is 8yrs old and the youngest at 4 months. I am the 1st couselor to our bishop going on 6yrs. I hope to meet everyone at the reunion in 2009. Tofa for now! Send Howard a MessageSend Howard a Message
Maria Filiaga
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February 27, 1963 Production Manager Single
Hi All looking forward to meeting everyone. Send Maria a MessageSend Maria a Message
Mildred (Mili) Atuaia (Galeai)
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August 07, 1970 Homemaker Married 7
Talofa from beautiful Laie, Hawaii....I'm looking forward to meeting everyone....Luv ya'll!!! Send Mildred (Mili) a MessageSend Mildred (Mili) a Message
Fatu Davey Atuaia
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September 08, 1971 Philanthropist Single
Talofa Aiga!!
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Lianne Fanene
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October 02 Garbage Recycling Single
Talofa Aiga!
It is awesome to have this website for our Aiga to say hello to everyone.  A big fa'afetai to Aunty Namele for keeping this website open for us.   For those of you who were not able to make it to our 2009 Su'apa'ia family reunion , we are looking forward to seeing you at our next reunion!
Alofa Tele,

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Galvin Salu Fetters
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April 16, 1949 Married 3
Aloha Aiga!
I am Sonny Fetters.  I am the eldest son (child) of Bessie Soonalote Su'a Fetters.  My brothers are: Chuck Daniel, David Daniel, James Fetters and Michael Fetters.  Please keep me updated on the family and if there is a family geneology book out there, please let me know how I can get one.  Talofa!
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