There are those of you whom we have not met. There are those of you whom we have lost touch with. Whether it's an introduction or update, please share with us. Let us know what you have been up to.  
Include a "past" as well as a "current" photo of yourself. It's always nice to put a face to the name. If you need assistance with adding your photos, use the "Contact Us" page and we will help to make it happen.    
We encourage you to include your genealogy. It's beautiful to see all the names of the different faletama... how they weave together to make this amazing taspesty we call aiga.
(example: Alipate/Taiana>Saimasina>Samila>Tapasa>Senifa)
We also welcome those who are already on to update their profile. A lot has changed over the years. We would like to know what's happening with you now. 
Fa'afetai/Alofa -- 2019 Reunion Planning Committee

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Stella Ualapa Fonoti
Profile picture
Profile picture
August 21, 1964 Dispatcher for Fedex Divorced 2
Alipate/Taiane Saimasina Fasi Valila Ualapa Stella Cant wait to see all of you in LA. So excited for our Tu'ipelehake/Su'apaia family reunion. Send Stella Ualapa a MessageSend Stella Ualapa a Message
David Suapaia
Profile picture
April 28, 1966 Truck Driver Single 1
Talofa aiga its getting exciting can't wait to see you all. Send David a MessageSend David a Message
Victor Su'apa'ia
Profile picture
November 08, 1962 Police Officer Married 4
Talofa Family,

Excited for the 2019 Famiy Reunion in Torrance, Ca.  Can't wait to see you all.  Our first grand-child Ruthie, will be attending to meet her big, big family.   Get involved eveyone, love you all.

My family of 11 shall be attending.

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Murphy Sua
College Teacher/Coach Married 3
Hi Family,

Can't wait to see and meet you this August in Torrance, CA (Los Angeles).

Line: Alipate-Tuipelehake, Saimasina, Kipeni, Sane, Murphy

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Darr Gilreath
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Student at ASCC
Sifou > Mulu > Tavita > Sisi'imoana > Darr. Hey everybody, I am the great, great granddaughter of the late Sifou. Looking forward to meeting everybody soon. Send Darr a MessageSend Darr a Message
Jenny Taotua
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June 02, 1982 Pacific Support Coordinator Single
Talofa my name is Jenny Taotua, I have only just seen this website and its amazing. I am from New Zealand. My father is Arona Taotua his mother was Filoifiti Su'a and her father was Salatielu.
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Alexander Baker
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Profile picture
Student/Computer Science Single
It's my senior year at UC Santa Cruz. Wooowhoo!!! Can't wait to get outta here. Looking forward to the 2016 Reunion.
Peace out family. 
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Marie Mua'e (Ma'o)
Profile picture
Profile picture
Healthcare Widowed 4
Alipate/Taiana>Saimasina>Alamoni>Inosia>Marie Send Marie a MessageSend Marie a Message
Namele Tauau (Baker)
Profile picture
Profile picture
Homemaker Married 1
A big shout out and thank you to the Utah family for a wonderful 2012 reunion. Love to you all <3 Alipate/Taiana>Saimasina>Alamoni>Sa(imasina)>Namele Send Namele a MessageSend Namele a Message
Tagiilima Sae
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Security Guard Married
Hello Su'apa'ia family,

My name is Tagiilima Sae, my line is from Saimasina/ Sifou/ Diana/ Su'apa'ia Fuga Feliua'i Sae who has recently passed this year in March. R.I.P. I have a wife names Susan Miriam Tufuga-Mika Sae and four children by the names of Tuputausi Tina (23), Anthony Tito(22), Gordon Chuckle Tagiilima Sae and Ali'itasi (Tasi) Miriam Aniiversary Sae (14). I look forward to seeing you guys at the next family reunion...
Love you all, Sae Family.

Alipate/Taiana>Saimasina>Sifou>Diane>Su'apa'ia Fuga Feliua'i>Tagiilima
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