Aiga... the time is now! 
Sign-up for The Family Talent Show

This is one of our family's favorite reunion nights.  No wonder, considering all of the talented people we have.  And it gets crazy loud with laughter and applause!!!  Besides, it's fun to be able to say, "Hey, that's my cousin, niece/nephew, sister/brother performing up there!"  We are so proud of everyone!

We will have musical instruments (guitars, ukuleles, keyboards and drums) and equipment available for your use.  You do not have to worry about bringing anything with you other than your props, recorded music or other items not provided above. 

here is one thing we want to make sure our family members and guests understand.  THIS IS NOT A COMPETITION!  THIS IS NOT A CONTEST!  This is only a showcase of the talent that exists in our family.  Nothing more!

It's a "Judgement Free Zone!"  So please, on that evening... just sit back, relax and enjoy.  We have nothing but love and encouragement to give to our performers.  We look forward to seeing you there!  

Alofa atu -- 2019 Reunion Planning Committee